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3 definitions by T-Rex-Man

The best name EVER.... because you know..... it means penis, twice.
Bob "hey professor Johnson whats your first name?"
P. Johnson "Dick............Dick Johnson."
Bob "Dick as in Richard?"
P. Johnson "No. just Dick...............Dick Johnson."
by T-Rex-Man November 28, 2009
The best drink ever. It is a soda with ingredients that are extracted from the opium plant. Some people prefer to drink it in an opium den. Lola is featured as the spokesperson for Opilola in some of the Opilola commercials.
Fred: Man, I'm thirsty!
Lola: You should try some Opilola!
by T-Rex-Man November 19, 2009
Lola is a girl that is normally/currently featured as the spokes person for Opilola in Opilola's commercials.

She was a make-up model for a few years, but she got tired of it. So, she then turned to commercial advertisement for products such as shampoos and hand soaps. Not too long after her first few commercials aired, a scout agent recruited her to be the spokesperson of Opilola
Something Lola would say: "Mmmm! .... Drink it!
by T-Rex-Man November 21, 2009