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Neighborhood in Burlington full of Ducharmes.
Boy, NASCAR sure is popular in the Old North End.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 20, 2005
hennessy and tomato juice.

Bloody Marys are for Honky mutha fuckas.
In the community, we drink bloody mothers.
We sat around the house, drinking bloody mothers, after finishing the poetry reading.
by T-Dog Jenkins October 12, 2004
A freestyle, fresh, and fancyfree way of referring to the illinest villes en Western Ontario, Kitchener and Waterloo. This well-known, notorious, and glorious pair give you more mischief than Arby's after dark, a Buick Skylark, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.
I left New York because the scence got so old. I'm kicking it in K-W these days.
by T-Dog Jenkins October 01, 2005
A tv show with Bob Newhart on it.
he lived in vermont with his lovers, Darrell and Darrell and Darrell. Newhart died of leg cancer.
Friend 1: Hey did you watch Newhart?

Friend 2: No, I was beating my son.
by T-Dog Jenkins April 30, 2004
Michaelmas, Christian feast of St. Michael the Archangel, celebrated in the Western churches on September 29 and in the Eastern Church on November 8. Typically, families gather for a dinner of goose on Michaelmas. The monday following Michaelmas is often the starting point of the semester at English Universities.
I love it when we have goose for Michaelmas.
by T-Dog Jenkins March 20, 2005
i love buscuits. they are my favorite food. they crumble up into your stew like nothing else. after a long day of foraging, there is nothing better than to come home to the smell of buscuits.
I love buscuits. They are my favorite food. a good old boy loves nothing more than buscuits and male prostitution.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 06, 2005
the strange way that elderly Canadians pronounce the name of the political party that led Germany in the 1930s.
Grandpa said he fought the gnat-zis on Okinawa.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 03, 2005

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