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a polite contraction of "Jesus Christ" used as an exclamation by people born before the advent of birth control pills.
Gee! I stubbed my toe.
by T-Dog Jenkins March 01, 2005
(v.) to leave a friend in need in the lurch because you have tickets to a concert, particularly one at Higher Ground.
Damn, I got autoluxed again. My car broke down, but no one picked me up because Sunny Day Real Estate reunited.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 03, 2005
Is a shithole. It is the home of all the poor white folks in Massachusetts, also known as Massholes. They all suck at reading.
Methune is a fucking shithole.
by T-Dog Jenkins June 12, 2004
(n.) buscuit dip. indigenous to crockpots.
i sure love that stew. It makes them buscuits even better.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 06, 2005
(v.) to render something that was long enjoyable completely unpleasureable. For example, Star Wars or the Shins. The term came into use in reference to the stylings of one Natalie Portman, a terrible actress that wiped her ass with the Legacy of Star Wars and ruined the Shins by offering their music up as a lifechanging experience in the film "Garden State."
Shit! What is she going to Portman next? Dylan Thomas?
by T-Dog Jenkins March 20, 2005
(v.) to burb up semen.
(n.) the taste of burbed up semen.
Man, my mouth would be so feel refreshed if I had some rufus flavored mouthwash.
by T-Dog Jenkins March 16, 2007
a game popularized on blustery Saturday afternoons on the ponds of Laval. Shinny is a hockey-like game played with brooms, broken hockey sticks, and hunks of things that you can hit around till the bars open a midi.
un Joual: L'usine s'est fermée.
des autres Joual: Bon! nous avons plus de temps pour jouer à la shinny maintenant.
by T-Dog Jenkins June 27, 2004

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