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(v.) to add additional gasoline to the gas tank even though the gas tank container is full. People do it to get the most bang for their buck, to have more gas in their car. This action can be dangerous and it is prohibited by most gas stations. Most gas station attendants do it anyway to sell more petroleum.
"No topping Off at my station" says the automotive saftey expert.
by T-Dog Jenkins May 01, 2005
someone who works at night.
Ted Leo is a rockstar that rocks at night and is a daysleeper all day.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 25, 2005
a poor piece of white trash from
1-(n.) Northwestern Vermont who smokes GPCs, wears a NASCAR jacket with every advertisement highlighted, can't read, beats their kids, gets pregnant once their parts start to itch, and enjoys the coasters at the Champlain Valley Fair every August. They have a shelflife of about 40 years.
2- A common last name among Duscharms (see definition 1).
Hey Duscharm, watch this?
(As a Duscharm jumps to death from the top of the elementary school he dropped out of at age 17)
by T-Dog Jenkins April 30, 2004
French Fries purchased at a roadside eatery such as "MacDonalds," "Burgers' King," "Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers," "The White Castle," and "Jack-in-a-Box." The opposite of homefries.
Back in Ireland we ran out of potatoes, so we came to America for roadfries.
by T-Dog Jenkins July 15, 2005
A colloquialism indigenous to Appalachia which expresses amazement, wonder, or befuddlement
Well, I'll be switched! That little box yous got can make a pitchure of lil ol' me?
by T-Dog Jenkins July 15, 2005
plural of smokey (a smokey being an officer of the law).
Them smokies got them ears on.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 24, 2005
a foul, profrane, or vulgar term associated with the place where the animals muck about on a farm.
Fuck, Shit, Cunt, Cock, and Blowjob all qualify as barnyard words.
by T-Dog Jenkins July 13, 2005

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