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a ducharme who has come into some money and no longer lives in the old north end of Burlington. Most well to ducharmes end up back in the old social position soon after the lottery winnings checks stop coming annually.
That well to ducharme has a brand new SUV.
by T-Dog Jenkins May 29, 2005
intransitive verb describing the vibration of a cell phone or a pager. One of the earliest uses of the term appears in Ice T's "Six in the Morning."
Ice T's pager was blowin' up at six in the morning.
by T-Dog Jenkins August 03, 2008
The bridge one takes into Montreal if you are headed in from the Southside of the island. This is known as Anglo-Soul Glo-After the Party it's off to the bowling alley with Sally, Chief O'Malley, and Rand-McNally, Cali. That is, if you just ate a sheet of pot-brownies like I did.
I took Pont Champlain into Montreal. It was the most beautiful bridge I rode on all day. Believe me, I seen a lot of fucking bridges today, Daddy.
by T-Dog Jenkins October 01, 2005
A freestyle, fresh, and fancyfree way of referring to the illinest villes en Western Ontario, Kitchener and Waterloo. This well-known, notorious, and glorious pair give you more mischief than Arby's after dark, a Buick Skylark, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.
I left New York because the scence got so old. I'm kicking it in K-W these days.
by T-Dog Jenkins October 01, 2005
hennessy and tomato juice.

Bloody Marys are for Honky mutha fuckas.
In the community, we drink bloody mothers.
We sat around the house, drinking bloody mothers, after finishing the poetry reading.
by T-Dog Jenkins October 12, 2004
Andy Baron's sideproject that can't play Nectars anymore because he stole all the urinal cakes.
Andy Baron usually puts out slutty hooks with Dr. Hook, not video pigeon.
by T-Dog Jenkins July 22, 2004
the sound an ambulance makes as it leaves your neighborhood.
The ambulance carrying my cousin went E-e-E-e-EE-e as it sped through the night. It's too bad he's in a chair now.
by T-Dog Jenkins July 15, 2005

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