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the wealthy neighborhood in Montreal populated primarily by Anglos. It is full of WASP arrogance and when the revolution comes, the Joual will wipe them all out!
Quebec would be better without all the English speakers in Westmount.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 20, 2005
a breakfast staple made out of the leavings from dinner. If it comes out of a can, it ain't hash.
Mom turned the leftovers into hash.
by T-Dog Jenkins March 10, 2005
A Tall Rugby player from Indiana.
Damn! Biz Markie is the toughest bloak in the Association in a scrum!
by T-Dog Jenkins June 29, 2004
(v.) to be a city with ten million people that nobody's ever heard of.
Omaha: Chengdu? Where the fuck is that?
Shanghai: it is in China. It has ten million people and a metropolitan area of thirty million.
Omaha: Shit, we only got 80,000 and everybody done heard of us.
Shanghai: well, you got omaha steaks.
Omaha: oh yeah, we do.
Chorus: hahahahahaha, strokes beard.
by T-Dog Jenkins January 23, 2005
(adj.) engaging in activities stereotypically associated with lesbians.
Those birkenstocks are so lilith.
by T-Dog Jenkins March 30, 2008
1) (n.)an utter shithole in Southern Ohio. Home to The Ohio State University and Wendy's.
2) (v.) to get sent back to the minor leagues. This is a reference to the Columbus Clippers, the AAA affiliate of the New York Yankees.
Man, Rivera keeps blowing saves against Boston. Steinbrenner should columbus his ass till he gets his head on right.
by T-Dog Jenkins May 01, 2005
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