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Instead of standing up in the shower, you do a hand-stand and face your butthole towards the shower faucet.
Bob and Pete enjoyed taking mustang showers in the lockeroom after football practice.
by T-Cell November 28, 2007
As made famous in MTV's reality show Rob and Big by co-star Christopher "Big Black" Boykin, Junk Socks are multi-purpose socks that can be used as normal socks on your best friend's feet, or as filler in the g-string of a male stripper to enhance one's manhood.
It was cold back stage at the strip club as Big Black was warming up to go on-stage one last time to perform as "Black Lavender". With nothing on but his stripper sweats and g-string, Black complains about the size of his goods.

Black: "When you get nervous, you get a small package. I got the littlest wiener in Hollywood right now."

Rob: "Stuff it."

Rob takes both his socks off and offers them up to Black, who then inserts both socks into his g-string and performs stripper routine. Afterwards, Black returns the socks to Rob who then puts them back on his feet.

Rob: "I feel a little weird putting these Junk Socks back on my feet."

Black: "Junk socks are the best socks."
by T-Cell October 29, 2009

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