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Hip-Hop is a genre of music that used to be good, and now sucks the sweat off a dead man's ballsack, and whose song lyrics are entirely comprised of the words: Booty, Butt, Ho, Slut, Biiatch, Trick, Pimp, Player-hater, muthafucka, and the N word. Often times, rappers, once dirt poor, are now filthy rich, so they decide to sing about how much bling they have and how many women they have had sex with. All rappers--regardless of ethnicity or social backgroung all talk, walk, sing, and grab their nuts exactly alike.
An example of a hip-hop song:

Now dis is a message fo' all mah hos-
You better got booty and you better got blo-
That's just somethin dat choo muthafuckas gotta know-
Oh and another thing, cuz I'm black go figger
Just so you know this ain't Eminem I'm gonna say the word "nigger!"
by T-Bone Walker September 23, 2006

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