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Slang for a type of sexual act involving the unconventional use of prophylactics, performed post-coitus.

Following ejaculation into a condom, the male removes it from his penis and hands it to his partner. His partner then proceeds to inflate the condom, like a latex balloon, and tie off the end. "The Balloon Animal" occurs when the male pops the balloon in close proximity to the face of his partner. The rapid release of pressure caused by popping the condom causes the ejaculate within to be deposited, at least partially, on the face of his partner.

Also known as "Giving The Balloon", the "Friendly Giraffe", and the "Steinberg Experiment".
In conversation:
"Yo man, heard you closed some ass last night...did you give her The Balloon Animal?"
by T-3000 November 09, 2006

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