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The act of being born in da' ghetto
Yo' bitch, when's yo' burf-day
by T DePuy September 29, 2005
An alcoholic beverage made with tequila, hot sauce, and cottage cheese
Hey bartender, gimme a Mexican hooker
by T DePuy October 03, 2005
Another word for an asshole
I fucked in her in her doot chute
by T DePuy October 01, 2005
Bad breath caused by the ingestion of beef and broccoli
Dam baby, you got some beefy brocco boof
by T DePuy October 03, 2005
Watery shit as a result of eating at a bad Italian restaurant.
I'm never eating at Gudio's again; I got the worst case of pizzeria.
by T DePuy September 30, 2005
The language black people use when they are referring to breasts.
She's got great tizzles!
Oh that's just boobonic for "She has great breasts"
by T DePuy September 30, 2005
Television shows on DVD
I just got the new Simpsons TVD
by T DePuy October 02, 2005
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