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9 definitions by Szymn. M

A Hebrew word meaning 'To be heard' or 'He who hears'
"Me dogg bigg Simon iz da Boss"
by Szymn. M August 04, 2006
1.)To be in a state of starvation due to serious money problyms.

2.)When you have gone one week or longer without a single coin (any money)and you dont have any idea when you will get some.
1.) "Feed tha people on coinstuck".

2.) "I cant move. I'm coinstuck".
by Szymn. M August 04, 2006
A slum in the bronks of tha Central Coast, Australia.
"Wind up your window & lock your door when we drive through Blackwall".
by Szymn. M August 04, 2006
Unbelievable, Way real, Awesome, Truth, Good, Incredable.
Adam: " This place sux. Rember that garden we once lived in?"
Eve:"yeah. That was off screen".
by Szymn. M August 04, 2006
1)Bathroom tiles that have turned white after urine has built up over time without being cleaned.
2) An unbelievable amount of urine around a toilet (not a public one), usually resulting in the need to stand father from the toilet each time to avoid standing in piss thus adding to the puddle more every time you take a piss, creating a white tile or white tiles.
"Where's my damn gum boots?, I need to to take a shit and I got serious white tiles".
by Szymn. M August 04, 2006
A headache. Usually used to decribe a headache when the person describing it is verry drunk.
"Man I got da worst headarcky".
by Szymn. M August 04, 2006
A dumb ass who sux like a sponge & uses the internet just for chatting & blogging and spends hours a day doing that.
1) A looser with a myspace account, chatting on msn while he or she meets new people in some chatroom.

2)anyone with a blog & friends they havn't even met in real life.

3)"My cuz is such a sponge blog square eyes. she dosent even like sponge bob square pants"
by Szymn. M August 04, 2006