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reverse polish romanski

1. When any woman over 40 seduces a young teenage boy.

This term is a play off of Roman Polanski and Reverse Polish Notation, and references situations that are the reverse to the sexually inappropriate case of Roman Polanski and 13-year old girl in the 1970s
My baby cousin scored 125 points off a reverse polish romanski last week at a party at my Aunt's house with one of her lush cougar pals.

When a 44-year old woman rape-rapes a 13-year old boy after feeding him half of a champagne flute and a fistful of Quaaludes. This might or might not occur in Jack Nicholson's spa tub.
by Syzdek October 06, 2009
A pair of socks worn underneath an outer pair for the purpose of soaking up excess perspiration or filling oversized shoes.
That boy in gym class with the missing chromosome has one foot bigger than the other. He should wear undersocks to even things out.
by Syzdek May 19, 2009
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