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A small town shaped like a glove. Thats how we remember how to find ourselves on large maps. There all a lot of road and a lot of pot-holes. There's also a lot of pot. The town is divided into two parts, North Salem and South Salem. They should divide the town in two seperate towns because the Northern part is rich, the Southern part is influenced by drugs and is pretty much like a part of Massachussetts. The school systems are great, until you reach High School. Salem High School is great education wise, but is the number one drug trafficing school in NH. On a good note, Salem was ranked the 85th best town to live in, in 2007 according to CNNMoney.com. On Saturday you rarely see a NH license plate, there are soo many Mass cars. That because we have no sales tax. Salem is popular for its mall.
Kid 1: I wanna live in Salem NH

Salem Resident: No you dont buddy.
by SystemofaDownandClutch December 06, 2009
Stupid or dumb tee shirt advertisements on the side of a web page. Usually there is a hot girl wearing the shirt.
Man #1: Not another Dumbtee.

Man #2: What?

Man #1: It's a stupid tee shirt advertisement.
by SystemofaDownandClutch December 06, 2009

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