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A robot created by Dr. Light to defend the earth in the 20XX era against Dr. Wily's (Dr. Light's previous lab assistant) repeated attempts of global domination. He does so armed with a plasma cannon on one arm and thrusters equipped into his boots. He also works with ocassional assistance form his 'little sister', Roll, his robotic dog, Rush, and his 'older brother', Protoman.

*NOTE: In Japan, Megaman is Rockman and Protoman is Blues. This line of naming runs along musical themes: Blues, Rock and Roll. Forte/Bass joins the series later on. Support units Rush, Tango, Beat, and Gospel/Treble also fit this name basis.
"The Blue Bomber's come to ruin Wily's plans again!"
by Synchro September 14, 2003
to love something obsessively
i'm a sucker for romantic comedies.
by Synchro March 16, 2005
The first sucessful creation of Dr. Light and Dr. Wily in their researching of robotics. Soon after, Wily stole much of their findings and began a campaign to rule the world. Though Megaman stands mostly in Wily's way, Protoman also lends a hand every now and then when his 'brother' is in trouble.

Protoman is known for his dark sunglasses and yellow scarf. He also announces his presence by whistling his theme song. An imperfection in his neural network was later discovered by Dr. Light that gave Protoman a unique free will, but it would also run down his systems and cause irreparable damage over time. Protoman chose to leave the glitch unperfected, and lives his days how he wishes, and probably solitary.

*NOTE: Protoman's original name (in Japan) is Blues.
"Protoman come when he's needed."
by Synchro September 14, 2003
A yellow coat wearing patron possessing a quite impressive arsenal revolving around weapons of mass destruction and general defense. He is partial to role play and video games, and very proud of his silver hero hair. He has been known to be quite silly.
<Lunaris> Meep. o_o
by Synchro July 14, 2003
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