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A "club" in an online chatting community called Habbo Hotel. It offers more privileges than a "normal" member such as a new piece of furniture every month, new colors and clothing, and an extended friends list topped with new commands. Habbo Club members (often called HCs), are typically faggots because most of them dress the same with a puff ball hat, head phones, sea weed hair, a toothed necklace, a star shirt (striped tanktop for women), baggy pants, (a short skirt for women), and skater shoes, (sandals for girls). Most of them call others who aren't "fortunate" enough to have Habbo Club, norms because they feel so bad about their shitty life that they try to bring down other people's self-esteem.
HC Fag #1: omg, hey there gurlfriend!
HC Fag #2: OH EM GEE, u finally got habb0 clUb!
"Norm": hey guys
HC Fag #1: oh great, a norm.
HC Fag #2: fucking norm, go away.
HC Fag #3: hey ladies.
HC Fag #1: OH MY GOSH!! its brad! he's sooooo hot!
HC Fag #2: lets rape him
HC Fag #s 2 and 1: *rape*
HC Fag #3: oh yeah! this is totally against the rules of habbo but we're habbo club, the mods won't ban us.
"Norm": HC bitches
by Syn2Die4 January 05, 2010
When as soon as you get off one bus, the next bus you're supposed to catch immediately arrives. Missing one of these can be upsetting, especially when you were RIGHT there. You can get to places a lot more faster if you're lucky to get a Combo.
Guy: How do you get here so early? It's like the third time this week that you've come home 15 minutes earlier than usual.

Guy2: I'm just lucky I guess. I'm always getting a Bus Combo.
by Syn2Die4 October 09, 2010
When someone jumps off of a stage and has a massive crowd carry them around overhead. Usually done at rock concerts.
Guy1: Did you see that stage dive last night?
Guy2: Yeah, too bad no one caught him.
by Syn2Die4 September 25, 2011

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