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"We don't go nowhere without toast, we thugged out" - 50 Cent's "Wanksta"
by SyX July 03, 2003
The refreshment pastille.
Wild berry smints are the best!
by Syx August 25, 2004
Urga, meaning Food.
"Let's travel to urgatopia!(food land)" - Jihad
by Syx May 13, 2004
a female who disgraces other females by acting like a hoe,wearing tight clothes that are two sizes too small for them, have busted ass faces, all while wearing the same fucking thong and never changing it and still swears they look good
madeline burgose also known as the 52 skank of mark twain in yonkers new york
by syx July 26, 2003
Use your imagination.
Me and my cousin were messing around and I had an oralgasm and jizzed all over her face
by Syx May 16, 2004
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