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The result of white people tangling, matting, and dirtying their hair in an attempt to grow Dreadlocks.

As it is impossible for a white person to grow Locks (dreadlocks, locs, etc), this phrase becomes necessary.
Example A:

"I think I might grow some Locs..."

"You mean you might grow some Dolltails."

Example B:
"You better cut off those dirty-ass Dolltails before someone smacks you for your ignorance."
by Sword&soul September 04, 2013
A hairstyle originating in Africa, done by tightly twisting the hair until the strands lock together.

The name "Dreadlocks" originated on European slave-ships during the middle passage.

The white crews would bring the enslaved Africans up on deck to wash them off. They saw that the thick Hair of the Africans, full of vomit, blood, and shit, had matted into "dreadful locks".

It is therefore offensive and incorrect to refer to the dolltails worn by ignorant white children as Dreadlocks.
White child: "Hey man, what do you think of my Dreadlocks?"

"I think they're very useful as a visual indicator of your ignorance. I will now avoid you forever."
by Sword&soul September 04, 2013

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