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a missconception. Atcually meant to be SOck Rocky, but it got twisted around to form a whole new game... a game so powerful that only the greatest of Champions are allowed to participate
I am an Elephant, and you are just a Rock sockey
by SwissCheeseMan October 11, 2004
A Chase that is so enjoyible that it provokes a for or Euphoria relesed by Spazams of joy and Purple colored Rainbows to apper at random locations
the retard was involved in another Splendid persuit
by SwissCheeseMan September 20, 2004
Something is "da cheese" when it smells really bad
dude, your flatuance is da cheese
by SwissCheeseMan September 20, 2004
A Bevrage common to west affrica, Infact some would call it a delicacy. a dish were monkeys are serades and Danced on as The chef Creates a bueatiful and Flaky crust of yeast and corn Seed
I danced the monkey soup, and it was delicous
by SwissCheeseMan October 11, 2004
A warrior of the night

Started as a fad in the late 1970s to terrorize those who had not yet expirenced the german Sausagefest it escaladted into a full blown culture storm centered in San Fransisco where acts of terror are preformed every night
dude, i just got owned by a Butt Pirate
by SwissCheeseMan September 20, 2004
it's what happens when you combine fast and danger and Multiply the result by 10 thousand. In order to be fanger you have to jump over the grand canyon and do a backflip into it and swim up the colorado
Dude, that move was totally Fanger
by SwissCheeseMan September 20, 2004
A time in a man's life where things start to change, and life is never quite the same agian
AHH crap, i just got the Salad agian!
by SwissCheeseMan September 20, 2004

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