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1. A company which is bankrupt, because they gave out too many bonuses. Stands for American International Greed, not Group.

2. A verb describing a greedy person.
1. AIG should really admit that they are greedy.

2. Gee, Craig is an AIG.
by Swimman March 24, 2009
A soda brand from Klay World.
Phil: Hey, guys, guys, you want some Coco-Cola? You want some? Hey you want some- you wanna drink- I see you over there, you wanna drink some Coco-Cola? Drink it?

Klayman #1: No.

Phil: Why?

Klayman#1: Because I'm fat, I'm on a diet. I'm fat.

Phil: Ok, then you want some baloney?
by Swimman March 24, 2009
The most awesome computer company ever. (See also Macintosh, iPod, Alaskan Firedragon, (yes they created them,) and iPhone,
Apple Rocks!!!
by Swimman March 24, 2009
An extinct species of Firedragon. The Alaskan Firedragon had no capability of breathing fire, and lived in the Sahara Desert.
Bob: The alaskan firedragon doesn't live in Alaska?
Joe: No, it lives in the Sahara Desert.
by Swimman March 19, 2009
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