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2 definitions by Sweetcheeksdlp<3

1:The sensation one receives in the ocular cavity that causes the eye to gloss over, while rolling balls! however, said gloss is lined with visions of peace, love, unity, and respect <3

2:The zombie look in a person's eye's when they cant handle the roll. Thus bringing meaning to the phrase aka "people look ugly rolling"

Girl: omg u look soo beautiful!! wuts ur naaaameee? lets

hang out..

Girl2:Omg yea yea yea like totally

Guy:damn those bitches got the plur blur


Guy: damn it bro u see that cat up against the fence!?

Guy2:yea dogg he looks all kinds of twisted,

someone got that plur blur
by Sweetcheeksdlp<3 January 14, 2011
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an individual whom is consumed by the effects of MDMA so much, that they engage in "pervert like" gestures, ranging from fondling to full on nude intercourse, while accentuating the meaning of PLUR (People Look Ugly Rolling)
Girl1: "Girl! you wouldnt believe what just happened to me"

Girl2: "omg what?"

Girl1: "Mid plur blur, some plurvert comes up from behind me and tried to shove his dick up my ass!"

Girl2: "Gross! what a plurvert!"
by Sweetcheeksdlp<3 June 21, 2011
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