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1. To smoke a fat blunt
Hey Rob, You wanna smoze dah?
by SweetStew November 10, 2007
..also known as the WCC

1. Dat Nigga Rob and dat Nigga Stew, two dope ass niggas that change the world, one person at a time, one blunt at a time
Nigga1: I ain't neva seen nuthin like that at a party before.

Nigga2: Dats cuz u ain't never partied wit the World Changer Click before.
by SweetStew November 10, 2007
1. To bullshit someone.

2. To take forever to do something

3. Saying you're going to do something, but never follow through with it.

4. Never showing up to a place after you said you would be there.

Rob: Say dah, where's dat nigga Matt at? He's been in that Exxon buyin a sweet fo like 14 minutes dah.

Stew: He's bowlshittin, story of my life.

by SweetStew November 10, 2007
1. Da durty durty

2. Da place where all dem true ass niggas chill

3. Da durtiest hood in all da mean skreets of M-town.

4. Home to da WCC (World Changer Click) and Candy, da skankiest skeeza on da southern skreets.

5. A place to go smoze, where yo momma ain't bowlshittin you
Nigga1: Oye, i say dem two niggas Rob and Stew posted up on dat Gatesloop

Nigga2: Oh Skrait? What was they doin?

Nigga1: They was smozin a fat blunt and gettin mad dome from dat bitch Candy.
by SweetStew November 10, 2007
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