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a phrase used when ur in complete shock or excitement.
edwin: JOY! dont touch my ass
joy: i didnt.. dont believe him hes lieing
luke: SWEET Aberdeen!! ur a fag joy
by Sweet Edwin April 05, 2007
can replace any verb. used like smurf or marklar.
Usually used when something bad happens.
I joacked my cock in that tight par three's ass.
The other day i joacked my hammy falling down the stairs.
I got joacked when i fell into a tub of sweet brown cash.
This whore is joacking my back pussy.
If you don't shut your piehole I'm going to joack your face!
by sweet edwin November 24, 2007
similar to calling fives on a seat. but you call shits so you can go drop a deuce and still have ur seat when u come back
Edwin: fuck dude i gotta take the browns to the super bowl if u know what i mean.
Tony: yea dude i totally know what u mean
Joy: oh man im totally taking ur seat, theres no way u get back in time for fives
Edwin: oh yea? SHITS!! pussy
by Sweet Edwin March 22, 2007

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