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4 definitions by Sweet Lou and HBG

Fufe is another word for dude. It was first originated by beach-goers in FL, but soon spread like wildfire around the globe. It can be used to describe males or females, but it may only be used on really nice, cool people. Fufe can be modified to your liking by adding an "N" to the end meaning "Very cool". Or you can say Fufe-a-licious meaning "extremely cool".
"What's up fufe?"
"This new Phantom Planet cd is fufen!"
"Your outfit is fufe-a-licious!"
by Sweet Lou and HBG November 12, 2003
18 5
Incubating can either mean sitting in one place for a long time, sitting on top of an item or chilling out.
"Hey! What's up?"
"Nothing much, just incubating on the couch"


"I can't find my car keys! Oh wait, I was incubating them"
by Sweet Lou and HBG January 12, 2004
6 3
Fufe can also mean friend or friends. (Add an "S" for more than one person/animal/thing you chose as your friend)
"Don't mess with her, she's my fufe."
"Shout outs to all of my fufes!
by Sweet Lou and HBG November 15, 2003
8 10
Loogie means what is currently happening. It can be used in place of "What's up?"
"What's the loogie fufe?"
by Sweet Lou and HBG January 12, 2004
14 134