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Your local mercenary, is living at the block and does everyone's assasinations work.
Also knows most definitions on military stuff, mostly hanging around bars looking for mercenary work
by Sweeper June 10, 2003
A form of l33t that removes all vowels, like Hebrew.
ph34r m3, j00 nubbinz! = phr m, j nbbns
by Sweeper June 17, 2003
One who aspires to escapes n00bishness, but in his attempts fails miserably, sinking even deeper ino the very thing he tries to escape.
N00bris buys l33t video card.
N00bris installs video card on win 98
N00bris can't get it to work
N00bris reverts to his crappy video card, and all the l33t 1s laugh
by Sweeper June 17, 2003
A dark, shadowy charachter with a penchant for piano strings and the SiG-552 Commando
by Sweeper June 17, 2003
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