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A small town in New Hampshire that shares an association with Dartmouth College. Where the townies are richer than the students at the College, and NESCAC is the third word in a child's vocabulary. Hanover High School, though a public school with pipes falling out of the ceiling and yearly student evacuations due to hazardous levels of asbestos, turns out a respectable number of high-achieving students. Though residents are for the most part very wealthy, Hanover/Norwich residents live a relatively understated lifestyle in comparison to their Westchester, NY counterparts. Hanover is the New Hampshire equivalent of Greenwich, Westchester, or Orange County. The town shares a high school with Norwich, VT—the only interstate public school in the country. Norwich, though smaller, shares the same demographics as Hanover. All in all, these two towns kick motherfucking ass, no matter what people say. Occasionally self-loathing angst-ridden teens who are stage crew members of the Footlighters or any of the other drama clubs will venture so far as to say they hate where they're from, but the truth is, they wouldn't feel comfortable anywhere else.
Kid 1: Jesus I'm exhausted I had crew superearly this morning and then had to finish a paper for SWS and Mrs Alsup called me a fucking dumbass.

Kid 2: You're so typically Hanover, shut the hell up. PS, I found out I got into Bates yesterday after tennis practice!

Kid 1: Sweet let's get wasted during third period X in the woods behind the school. Man I love growing up in Hanover, no matter what those fucking bench kids say.
by Sweeet April 27, 2007

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