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HHS is located in Hanover, NH. The student body is mostly made up of pot-smoking, preppy, 4.0 GPA, DI athletes. Many of the students complain about how they didn't get into Yale, but instead they have to resort to going to a safety school, like Middlebury or Weslyan. Because Hanover is home to the Ivy League school Dartmouth, it's a great way for HHS kids to go unwind with some frat-house parties any night of the week.

Showing up to school hungover, or even still drunk from the nights adventures is common, and almost even expected.
Guy 1: Shit dude, I smoked a phat bowl after school today, only to come home a find a rejection letter from Harvard. Now I have to go to my safety school, Columbia!

Guy 2: Mann that blows! Lucky for me, I got into Princeton early acceptance, and Ford told me to roll my windows down farther....
I guess I'll just get shitfaced, and finish off seconds semester with only a 3.5 average

Guy 1: Yeah man, whatever let's just hit up frat row this thursday and forget about the week.

Guy 2: Word.

Example of any generic Hanover High School student
by NSKG March 28, 2009
Is a school in Hanover NH. A lot of the students smoke pot. Is a well respected school, kids go on to do good things. The kids like most of the teachers. It's nice and stuff. It's near Dartmouth.
Person1: I have to go open up shop.
Person2: Did you go to Hanover?
Person1: Yeah
by Yeah December 22, 2004
Hanover High School is a school located in Hanover Virgina, basically right in the middle of Virginia, The school is brand new and rather large, don't let the looks fool you though, its hell. The principal is fat and wears the gayest clothes ever. Our school colors look like my ass hole, i mean, who would ever think that forest green and baby blue, actually go togeather???? I think that our great principal also picked thoese out because of her great since of style. ha! If you think that our Principal is bad, listen to our Vice-principal, Now here's a true carater. His name is so hard to pronouce and let alone just spell im going to give you and estaminte of his name. His name is dr. washcavage. or as the kids call him mr. whitecabbage (<<<check out that link, pretty dang funny and goes more indepth about mr. whitcabbage.) Well just to be short, hes an ass no one likes him and he was booed at an awards cerimony in front of the whole school. ya... real popular guy. Well the school day is long and class is boring pretty much like every other school. but its school. wat can you do. IT SUCKS!
Hanover High can blow my cock!
by Mic August 05, 2004

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