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1. When things are bad
2. Being poor
Mr. X says "Im havin a really bad day"
Mr. Z says "cold world"
by Sweat1 January 16, 2008
When drunk or drug fucked/stoned people want mcdonalds at early hours of the morning
I was at work the other night and at like 4am this McDonalds zombie turned up! He was well wasted!
by Sweat1 January 01, 2009
To judo flip a drunk fool over your shoulder
Damn that fool was so paro i had to go flippin' pasco on that sucka
by Sweat1 April 30, 2008
A hilarious parody of the name of the actress helen hunt
I fuckin hate that show mad about you, its got smellen cunt in it
by Sweat1 January 01, 2009
When 2 random drunks kiss in a club, usually with way to much tongue and slobbers going everywhere
Whoa check out steve! Hes tottally giving her a club kiss!
by Sweat1 January 01, 2009
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