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1.)Too much swag. Gotta put it in your words. It ain't fronting or tryna be cool. Just a funny dude/dudette twisting words you've gotta have an acceptable IQ to understand
Guy: You think you're razzer than me?
Dudette: Uh..ya! Bring it on dude!
Guy: Gimme a word.
Dudette: Chucky.
Guy: It's not only Chucky, it's bride of chucky
Dudette: It's not only bride of chucky it's Rugrats tommy
Guy: It's not only tommy it's tommy hilfiger
Dudette: It's not only Tommy Hilfiger it's tommy mountain number
Guy: It's not only mountain number it's mountain dew
Dudette: lol

by Surburbia March 30, 2009

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