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The best band you'll ever get to know!
Example 1:

- Holy crap, man! Did you know that the Beastie Boys are the best band ever and that they are politically active and fighting for many VERY important causes!?
- Yes.

Example 2:
The Beastie Boys have an official website: www.beastieboys.com
by Supply and Demand January 21, 2003
Shaped glass. The latest versions are windows xp... they have rounded frames.
My penguins kick your windows in the ass!
by Supply and Demand January 21, 2003
A word written after "to".
1) I would love to see you suffer, you homophobic moron!

2) To live is to love is to make idiots suffer.
by Supply and Demand January 21, 2003
(verb) To throw eggs at someone/something.
(adjective) Something that has eggs all over itself.
(noun) Something an animal, like a chicken or crocodile, gives birth to.
Verb example:
- I whisteled the Windows shutdown melody, as a joke, and I got egged at the Linux-convention...

Adjective example:
- My face is egged... and I love it.

Noun example:
- Did you just eat that?
- You mean the egg? Yepp! Why?
- I have one word for you: golf ball.
by Supply and Demand January 21, 2003
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