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As a teacher, to grade your students better because you are concerned about how your class average will be reflected among your peers.
Most of my students deserve to fail, but I'm going to conrick the grades so my class average is above 70%.
by Supersilly8 June 21, 2006
vb. To make fun of. To make someone the butt of your jokes. To create a situation in which someone is being busted on.
He made fun of my fat mama, so I had to bust on his ugly sister.
by Supersilly8 June 11, 2006
adj. the onomotopaeiac sound of the visual description of two pancakes falling through space and colliding with each other, then rebounding away.
I'm trying to make my curtains more flaunfy, so I added shaving cream mixed with styrofoam balls.
by Supersilly8 June 11, 2006

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