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Person who fails over and over in life; A person who pretends to be a selfless humanitarian in order to gain power; A type of parasite; A reject; Chinese slang for retard
Guy: Hey look at that Yachu, I bet he deleted his fantasy football league because he keeps failing over and over in life.

Guy2: Yeah what a prick lol.
by Supercoke November 18, 2010
What the terrorists on Modern Warfare 2 yell to proclaim dominance; Literally means Chunky Fister Note: Don't be confused with the other Modern Warfare 2 yelp "Mahija Mossen"
Al Faroq-Aminu: Moggdy Bossen!

Khalid Sheik Muhammad: Mahija Mossen! Tango Suhka!
by Supercoke November 18, 2010
A yelp or shout on Modern Warfare 2 yelled by the Terrorist team to proclaim dominance; Means enemy down in Arabic; Related to the world Moggdy Bossen.
Guy: Dude, I think my GF is a terrorist, every time I give her a chunky fister she yells Mahija Mossen!

Guy2: Aw dude that means she plays CoD.
by Supercoke November 18, 2010

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