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Another word for teenager
Adolescents are 13-18 years old.
by SuperSonicX September 07, 2006
Another word for stoned.
Guy 1: "Let's get blowed, dawg!"
Guy 2: "Word."
by SuperSonicX June 12, 2005
Occurs when you are suddenly hungry after you smoked a couple of joints
"Yo, I got the munchies! Let's order a pizza!"
by SuperSonicX June 12, 2005
The act of being anally raped by a gang in prison.
Joe was "turned out" in prison.
by SuperSonicX September 06, 2006
Another word for: Marijuana,weed,ganja, cannabis.
Pot is god's gift to everyone
by SuperSonicX April 22, 2006
The Beatles greatest album.
Came out in 1966.

Features songs like: Taxman, Eleanor Rigby, For No One, Tomorrow Never Knows, and Got To Get You Into My Life.

In other words: Some good music.
Me: I got The Beatles' Revolver today.
Rap Fan: You got a gun from The Beatles?

*I kick the shit out of the rap fan*
by SuperSonicX August 22, 2004
A whore who wants a cock up the ass
"Damn! That butt slut let me fuck her ass!" - Horny Redneck
by SuperSonicX September 16, 2005

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