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4 definitions by Super charger heaven

Noun meaning Bull cock, ie one who is being a huge dick, used primarily in the Portuguese language.
You're being such a manidor.
by Super charger heaven August 03, 2010
Noun; A woman who was once a Murf-Beast, but is no longer one do your one night of drinking, and while blacked out you slept with her, transforming the murf-beast into a golden-cow.
As the morning sun came though my window the evil murf-beast was gone. in its place was a golden-cow...and the worst hangover I have ever had.
by Super charger heaven August 04, 2010
Noun; A woman who is Fat, hairy, ugly as hell, and other wise unscrew-able. The Murf-Beast can meet all of the requirements, or just one, for just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is the murf-beast.
Though Kattie was a Huge murf-beast, she had an awesome out look on life, she had the love of her 10 cats and of the #4 super sized McDonald extra value meal.
by Super charger heaven August 04, 2010
Noun; a female dork with dike tendencies, ie love of the muff and political science.
Jenns girl was a huge didork, when she wasn't at a rally or protest, she was eating fuzzy flounder tacos, with a side of bearded clams.
by Super charger heaven August 14, 2010