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The single greatest occurence in the history of the universe. Summer is like christmas morning, the most glorious sex ever had,falling in love, winning the world series, superbowl and olympics all in one glorious 3 month period. Summer is the most precious thing that exists as it embodies everything that life is really about, love, happiness and general good times. This being said, great care must be taken not to waste a single solitary second of Summer because when it ends and you end up back in school(prison) you will realize just how magical it is. Approximately 93.7% of all lasting happy memories occur during the summer months.This statistic is especially astounding because a large portion of each Summer should be spent drinking heavily enough that when you wake up in the morning you can't remember what happened, you just know you had a great time.

Verb- To Summer, Summering: Having a good time, having fun, or relaxing with friends in a way that would occur during the Summer months. Summering can occur at any time during the year as long as those involved maintain a Summer spirit and all stress is forgotten in order to promote happiness.
Summer. FUCK YES.

"Yo I'm gonna go Summer later you in?"
"Hell yes"
by Summerman May 10, 2009
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