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A language, used primarily by people who are learning English, who currently speak Chinese. This language can also be mastered by a non-chinese person to communicate in part with the Chinese. Basically, Chingrish is very poor English with a heavy Chinese accent.
"Ah, rello, mai Vee-See-Arrrrrrr is the frashing da twelve o'crock, it only frashes da twelllve o'crock. I puses buttun flont, but no rappen. Den, i un-prug from prug, prug brack in prug, still! no happen!
by Sum-dum-gai July 29, 2004
A redneck term, meaning "fucker", but said in a redneck way, using only three letters, said very quickly in only one syllable.
Anything and anyone can be a f'gr.

The wheels fall off your Superbird, you yell at the car, calling it a "F'gr".
by Sum-dum-gai July 29, 2004
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