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3 definitions by Sugardaddyrus

The act that involves moving to second base, which means a female/male placing both hands on two other males penis's and stroking vigorously until ejaculation occurs. This can be done sitting or standing in any desired position. The harder and faster the action the better the skier.
"I was in a spa and some girl grabbed me and my mates cock's and started skiing"
by Sugardaddyrus November 06, 2007
A term used when a female is consequently on her periods and no sexual acts can take place.
Bob asked Jim: "Did you get lucky on the weekend"
Jim replays to Bob: "No Carla was wearing her P-Plates"
by Sugardaddyrus November 06, 2007
The act that involves an array of sexual behaviour, ranging from passionate kissing to extreme thrusting. Usually always leads to sexual intercourse.
"Your parents are in bed, lets go chell in your room"

"Lets leave school early so we can go home and chell"

"Suzie says: lets chill...Bobby says: I want to chell"
by Sugardaddyrus November 06, 2007