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Rough, loving, reserved, intelligent, stubborn, bull headed, loyal, funny, a bit power hungry, the most beautiful brown eyes ever seen. Due to his complex nature, one can never be sure of a Mitchell's motives. He is a computer geek, as well as a science fiction fan, but he enjoys other more interactive hobbies as well. Do not cross a Mitchell or they will fight tooth and claw.

Very tough exterior that only gets tougher the closer you try to get to him. He is very logical, though unfortunately shallow minded when it comes to accepting new ideas. He holds himself to very strict standards and will hold you to the same. This may be due to his little known family and church life. Sees many things as weakness. However, occasionally a hint of human emotion will slip through his cleverly positioned defenses and reveal him to be much deeper than he seems. In fact, he often asks himself too many deep questions that bother him enough to keep him up.
A Mitchell breaks hearts regularly by treating those who care the most about him as if they are dirt. Mitchells rarely apologize. Therefore, the more you love a Mitchell, the more you will hurt. A Mitchell will have to learn this about himself before it's too late, or he will continue to hurt people, including those he may love in return.
Once you meet a Mitchell, you will never forget him, no matter how much you try.
(A Mitchell is spotted sitting alone in the corner of the room. A person comes up to them.)

Person: Who are you?
Mitchell: Who are you?
P: Michelle.
Mitchell: Are you really Michelle? How do you KNOW?

P: Haha, you're good...
Mitchell: You still haven't answered my question.
P: Oh...
Mitchell: Well?
P: I don't know...
Mitchell: Okay then, come back when you can think for longer than ten seconds.
by SudoAntiStooge39 September 03, 2012

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