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2 definitions by Suckrpnch

Any kind of behavior that is actually hated for which the dislike is regularly forgotten until in the midst of acting upon said behavior. Could be an activity that is repeatedly performed or spending time in the company of another individual. Like a mouse repeatedly getting shocked by cheese in a laboratory. First mentioned on the Seattle radio show "Too Beautiful to Live" by Luke Burbank.
Every morning Starbucks gives me a shocky cheese moment when I go inside, order a coffee, and then realize that I hate Starbucks.
by Suckrpnch April 25, 2008
Self-centered male adolescents or young adults, often from New jersey, who wear wife-beaters and cartoony, over-sized chains and pendants with their hair gelled back and up to the sky in hard, shiney spikes, like an anime character.
That kid from Newark looks like Tetsuo from Akira, what an animook.
by Suckrpnch October 31, 2007