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the opposite of abcd, in more ways than one.

dcba = desi confused by america, "desi" being the indian word for a "native of india". refers to an indian guy/girl who tries to keep up with trends in usa and tries generally, to come across as a very americanised sort of person.

btw, abcd = american born confused desi.
last time it was a metallica tee-shirt. now its an ear ring and punk hairstyle.

i think he is a confirmed dcba.
by Subho April 21, 2005
peechey sey kafi good = quite good from behind.

a line in hindi, popular in the college circuit in india. this one is used to describe someone, esp a chick, who isnt all that good to look at, but has a great posterior and maybe figure.

peechey = behind
sey = from
kafi = quite
good = good.
no luck today - all the chicks seem to be PSKGs !!
by Subho April 21, 2005
baree ho kar bomb baney-gee

a slang in hindi, popular in college circuit in india.

means :- will become a bombshell when she grows up.

baree ho kar = when she grows up
bomb = bombshell
baney-gee = will become

used to describe a bombshell in the making - say a 14 year old girl or something, who will become a future sex symbol or something.
this one is a bhbb if i've ever seen one!!
by Subho April 21, 2005
wriggling on the floor laughing my ass off!!
that joke of yours was kickass - i was wotflmao-ing for 5 minutes full!!
by Subho April 21, 2005
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