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4 definitions by SuMoNeUwIsHuCuDb

A term used to describe an overweight nigger. (originated from the APT cartoon ''BOOBAHS'')
Well Henry, did you see that fat ass jigaboobah out there a pickin that thar cotton? Well I'll say he was a big un!
by SuMoNeUwIsHuCuDb November 28, 2004
18 20
A dumb ass devil worshiping band that you cant tell anything they're saying in their songs, and that wear gay ass masks with long noses and zipping mouths and gay shit like that!
Slipknot is the gayest fuckin band ever dude! They eat dick!
by SuMoNeUwIsHuCuDb October 31, 2004
30 40
A very large, hairy ass usually attached to a male of the human or baboon species. Most of the time has pimples, or smells horrible.
Damn, that Tyler boy has a real ass monkey, Did his mom screw a baboon or a bear?
by SuMoNeUwIsHuCuDb November 26, 2004
4 19
Awesome wurd made by Jaclyn Sibley! definition-well I rele dont know but its cool as fuck to say and it makes me laugh my ass off for some reason!!!
Guess wut Samantha?? UMMM COOKIE!!!
by SuMoNeUwIsHuCuDb October 31, 2004
9 66