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n. 1. a rennie trailer park. 2. a makeshift neigborhood of yurts, tents, and trailers occupied mostly by renaissance festival participants
It's Monday, the weekend has just begun, what a wonderful day in the knaverhood.
#neighborhood #barrio #ghetto #trailer park #knaverhood
by Sturm July 20, 2010
n. 1 a theoctatic secret police or inquisition 2. hetetic hunters 3. overzealous missionaries
Don't bring that book with you to the xhurch or you'll get hassled by the Gottestapo. Who wete those folks at the mall today? Were they members,of a cult? That was the Gottestapo.
#god #gestapo #religion #inquisition #theocracy
by Sturm June 20, 2014
1. a circle jerk. 2. An operation that fails on different heirarchical levels or fails in communication, related to SNAFU and FUBAR 3. fiasco 4. complete failure 5. an operation doomed to failure almost from the outset
That event was a clusterbation, the owner of the festival is taking vendor fees from the boothies and the actual owner of the property doenst know where the money is.
#cf charlie foxtrot #snafu #clusterfuck #masturbation #disorganization
by Sturm March 31, 2008
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