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When your fucking a chick in the ass (or doggie style) and you spit on her back so she thinks you came, and you pull out as she turns around and blast her in the face.
I gave this chick a Fire Hose this weekend. She never saw it cumming.
by Stufma Cokiner March 13, 2010
Where u poop in a toilet and give someone a swirly while you butt-fuck them.
Big Bubba shit in his cell and had his prison bitch smell it. Bubba flushed the toilet while his bitch was down there and butt-fucked him. Therefore giving him a prison-style Amish Igloo.
by Stufma Cokiner March 13, 2010
A girl gets a pimple on her labia and fucks a guy and it pops while having sex.
Chick 1: "I'm getting a pimple on my vagina."
Chick 2: "Okay? What the fuck do you want me to do about it?"
Chick 1: "Well what should I do about it?"
Chick 2: "You should go get fucked by that guy over there and give him a pink Popper when he's not ready for it."
by Stufma Cokiner March 13, 2010
Where you cum on a girl's shirt during an orgy giving her a White Jersey (or shirt).
There was an orgy last night at some guy's house and I gave this chick a White Jersey.
by Stufma Cokiner March 13, 2010
When you masterbate so much you develop a calis on the head of your penis and then don't shower for a while and go and bone.
Guy 1: "Dude i've been jerking it so much this week"
Guy 2: "Id didn't need to know that but why?"
Guy 1: "So I can Turtle Shell your mom this weekend!"
by Stufma Cokiner March 13, 2010
When your butt-fucking a chick and she shits on your dick when you cum, thus making a mudslide.
Chick 1: "So did you fuck that prick last night?"
Chick 2: "Yeah. He slapped me around some so I gave him a mudslide 'cause he was pissing me off."
by Stufma Cokiner August 02, 2010

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