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N. Female- over intelligent, wittingly charming, best science teacher in the history of Lincoln High School
I want to take Mrs. Couchenour for Biology.
by student February 28, 2003
Man Nipples.
Also the gay act of suckin on man titties.
The Wang guru and Master Wang love to Man teet each other continously in French class
by Student October 08, 2004
Josh Parmer.
Josh parmer is the official wang guru becuz he is obssessed with wangz up his butt and drawing wangz up other gay guys butts...LMao
Josh Parmer is the official Wang Guru. Dont consult me about gay wang shit, thats for Josh.
by Student October 08, 2004
1. a condition associated with chlamydial infections
2. an eye that has taken the form of a female's external genitalia
Fuck, bitch got a pussy eye!
by Student March 06, 2004
An all-boys Catholic school in Tokyo, Japan.

Everyone wears uniforms and teachers generally suck and assign lots of homework while teaching nothing.

A large percentage of the St. Mary's student population consists of active homosexuals.

People attending St. Mary's are often without lives, korean and mad all the time as the school's environment is very stressful and unstable.

St. Mary's lacks air-conditioning, enough classrooms, the right teachers and the proper tools to teach students.
Going to St. Mary's is a mistake.
by Student January 15, 2005
A word used by the "Hornetz" of Staples High School in Westport, CT as a call, signifying victory or announcing an event. The Hornetz harass opposing teams at basketball games by jeering and conducting other mischief (ex: urinating on their property in the locker room). They can be recognized by their Charlotte Hornets hats.
"Hornetz, holla back!"
by student June 20, 2003

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