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One who teaches gym with great intensity
I have Mr. Legault for gym today, and he's going to make me work out even if i don't want to.
by student December 08, 2003
1: High School in Henrico County, VA
2: School in Virginia principaled by a one Mr. Glen Blackburn.
3: School where, as long as you have a pass, you can go anywhere and do anything you want as long as you have a pass or percieved knowledge.
Hey, even if you don't do anything in your classes at Hermitage, you can still pass with at least a B and fail your SATs.
by Student March 07, 2003
To be statatorily raped by an older man, usually a security guard at a middle school.
Oh dag, that girl got natoshed at recess by that wierd guy.
by Student July 14, 2003
1: Often shouted phrase of Mr. Blackburn.
2: Phrase used at Hermitage High School, although nobody really know what it means...
Good job on eating luch there, Paw Power!!!!!
by Student March 07, 2003
Total crackhead who sux dick for a living. She also teaches classes that are not hers.
Inturrupting: "Hey guys whats up? Today we will be doing our vocab work. Get your vocab books out."
Kid: "Wait are you our teacher? I didn't think so! Bitch!"
by student April 15, 2005
bitch ass lit teacher. also known as satins minion.
Mrs. Verzwyvelt is a stupid slut bag whore.
by student June 02, 2004
1. a phrase used to say it all depends
2. Gay ass saying a teacher may say
it all depends adult diapers
by student October 24, 2003
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