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20 definitions by Student

One who teaches gym with great intensity
I have Mr. Legault for gym today, and he's going to make me work out even if i don't want to.
by student December 08, 2003
5 0
To be statatorily raped by an older man, usually a security guard at a middle school.
Oh dag, that girl got natoshed at recess by that wierd guy.
by Student July 14, 2003
2 2
1: High School in Henrico County, VA
2: School in Virginia principaled by a one Mr. Glen Blackburn.
3: School where, as long as you have a pass, you can go anywhere and do anything you want as long as you have a pass or percieved knowledge.
Hey, even if you don't do anything in your classes at Hermitage, you can still pass with at least a B and fail your SATs.
by Student March 07, 2003
6 6
1: Often shouted phrase of Mr. Blackburn.
2: Phrase used at Hermitage High School, although nobody really know what it means...
Good job on eating luch there, Paw Power!!!!!
by Student March 07, 2003
3 4
Total crackhead who sux dick for a living. She also teaches classes that are not hers.
Inturrupting: "Hey guys whats up? Today we will be doing our vocab work. Get your vocab books out."
Kid: "Wait are you our teacher? I didn't think so! Bitch!"
by student April 15, 2005
1 6
bitch ass lit teacher. also known as satins minion.
Mrs. Verzwyvelt is a stupid slut bag whore.
by student June 02, 2004
5 11
1. a phrase used to say it all depends
2. Gay ass saying a teacher may say
it all depends adult diapers
by student October 24, 2003
9 16