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A code word used to convey the desire to escape an awkward social situation.
Jack and Jill go to a party together. Jack wishes to leave with Jill due to an awkward encounter with a transvestite at the party.

Jack says to Jill: Jill I am going to give you an Uncle Louie.
by Stu846 September 06, 2007
A glass of ginger ale and two alka-seltzer. Used to calm the nerves.
I had a upset stomach so I drank a Nervous Tyler
by Stu846 September 06, 2007
When something bad happens that is anticipated. Consequence of an action that was obvious.
John: I drank to much coffee and smoked a pack of cigarettes after eating at Jack in the Box and then I craped my pants.
Jill: That’s the pitchfork in the saddle.
by Stu846 September 06, 2007
To change an opinion from a believable one to one that does not make sense
Jack: I used to think that the government should lower taxes because it would help economic growth. But now I think that the government should increase taxes to subsidize anti-zombie technology.

John: Thats a cincinnati flip flop
by Stu846 September 06, 2007

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