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Mexican last name. Usually is a pimp or is really hung in some cases.
Robert: Matt is such a pimp-a-licious rex.

Nick: Yeah, he must be a Bernal.
by Strip5150 December 12, 2010
1. Person or persons that can be considered being a pussy or bitch in certain situations. Possibly all situations

2. A person or entity that has good pussy skills (Penis sleeve characteristics) and uses them with great fervor and out of this world vaginal skill.
Person 1: Damn that Robert is such a snatchural. Always bitching out

Person 2: Very true! He probably has great snatchural skills and can handle 15 inch of tube steak!


Person 1: That bitch Bobbyrela has mad vag skillz!!!

Person 2: I cant believe she made that huge dildo dissipate in that gaping black hole!
by strip5150 February 18, 2011
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