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6 definitions by StriderWA

Untruths spoken by a female, especially a political candidate.
"You see that VP Debate last night? Man, what a bunch of bullslit"
by StriderWA October 17, 2008
A woman who often lies; a bullslit artist; a female politician who lies when asked direct questions.
She is such a bullslitter, I hope she doesn't get elected with that McDouche.
by StriderWA September 12, 2008
Similiar to {bullshit], but more specifically untrue words that come out of the mouth of female politicians.
You see that interview on ABC news last night? What a bunch of bullslit.
by StriderWA September 12, 2008
To have the wrong part/item ordered for you to install at a client, thus making YOU look stupid.
Me: I got to the client to install some RAM only to find I'd been Parker'ed. It was laptop RAM and I needed Desktop RAM! I was SO embarassed and had to come back later after getting the RIGHT part ordered. The worst part is the original is non-refundable!

Co-Worker: Yeah, man, you got TOTALLY Parker'ed!
by StriderWA September 20, 2010
The art of a female slinging bullslit, to spew lies, especially when one is a female politician.
She is totally bullslitting with that reporter!
by StriderWA September 12, 2008
The act of knocking on a door with the sole intent of performing fellatio on the occupant.
You: "Someone knocked 6 time on my door while I was in the shower. That seems a little much for the UPS guy, who do you think it was?"

Me: "Maybe it was one of your Cockknockers coming over to give you a BJ"

You: "isn't it common knowledge to not just drop by?"

Me: "To normal people, not cockknockers"
by StriderWA September 20, 2010