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5 definitions by Strider

the motherfuckin shit that comes shooting out your ass.
"Mmmmm that chocolate pudding was good!"
"That was human excrements"
by strider October 21, 2004
59 44
In the mid 1700s kings used these to rest their penis's in, they where small contaners. Kings stopped using them when King Phabopp got his chopped off by one.
I must place this long stick in your Nobby Handle...
by Strider January 22, 2005
1 2
Counter Strike whore.
CS for 48 hours straight. New games are bad.
by Strider October 30, 2004
6 11
Warriors of the 1800s who used their tits of justice, turned out though that they where really homosexual males with plastic surgery...
The last Tit Titan is Keanu Reeves
by Strider January 22, 2005
8 18
Female Nuts, scary to the eye
Your Mom has big BonBons!!! HAHAHA
by Strider January 22, 2005
22 46