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2 definitions by Stretch-nuts McPoop-knuckle

1. A nick-name for an individual with an unsually large scrotum and/or testicles.
2. A nick-name for an idividual with an unusually pliable scrotum.
3. An endearing term for a good buddy.
4. A term used to describe a courageous individual.
"Wow," said Jill. "Jay has massive balls! No wonder they all call him 'Stretch Nuts'!"

All the girls called Jay 'Stretch Nuts' because he could stretch his sack the whole way around his kneecaps.

"Hey Stretch Nuts! Let's have a beer guzzling contest!"

"Man! That Jay is a real stretch nuts. He's got huge balls! Certainly not a nutless wonder like Bill..."

"Certainly it is known that Testiclese, the hero of ancient Grecian lore, had a massive ball sack. He was often referred to as 'Stretch Nuts' by his closest commrades at arms; not only because of his courage, but also because of his ample scrotum."

excerpt taken from:

'Testiclese and other Stretch Nuts of Ancient Mythology;

The lore of the heroic Scrotum in Western Europe'
by Stretch-nuts McPoop-knuckle January 15, 2012
1. A leathery, scaly or scabby rectal condition caused by;

a) too much anal sex

b) venereal disease e.g., anal warts

c) a diet with little to no ruffage

d) any combination a, b & c

2. The result of improper hygiene after defecation; exhibited by encrusted feces around the anal orifice.
As Alexander the Great penetrated Haphaestion, he exclaimed, "Ouch! We really need to get you some conditioner, or something, for that crunchy bung of yours...".

"Damn, mang, I'm suffering from a severe case of crunchy bung because I didn't have time wipe my ass this morning!"
by Stretch-nuts McPoop-knuckle January 31, 2014