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Straight Edge is an adjective that describes a person like myself that believes that using mind altering substances or smoking cigarettes and having promiscous sex are for the weak, whether it be because they are unable to deal with the realities of life and their problems, or because they have low self esteem and/or intelligence and will do anything they are told is right and acceptable.

There are many modern diluted versions of Straight Edge, and also many twists on it that add other things such as not drinking coffee or being a vegan, since being a vegan is just plain silly and drinking coffee is hardly a sinister thing that kids get together to do in derelict houses, or that shady dealers push on street corners, or that homeless people get loaded on(if thats possible) to forget the troubles it caused them, I, being Straight Edge, don't concern myself with such things.

Because of hardliners(people who violently push their belief on others) and the fact that people are jealous of those who are perceived as better than them, many people believe Straight Edge to be dangerous, when its the very opposite, or a lame fad for faggots, because they want us to be as low as them. Another misconception is that Straight Edge is a commitment or vow, the true Straight Edge person believes that nothing else is acceptable for them.

A true Straight Edge person can be identified by nothing more than a tattoo of an X(or some variation of that) on their body, usually somewhere visible, like the arms or hands. While others simply keep being sXe to themselves, most choose to bear their tattoo as a mark of pride.
In simple terms:

No drink! No drugs! No smokes! No sex!

I can cope, I've got Straight Edge!
by Straight Edge Rude Boy November 07, 2005

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